Freestyle Frolic Cooperatively run dance events in a relaxed and smoke-free environment
Freestyle Frolic
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Statement of Vision and Purpose

The Freestyle Frolic is a volunteer run dance event open to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. The dance has been created and sustained by a community of dance and movement enthusiasts. This diverse group is united by a love of movement, and has been inspired to provide the dance as safe and nurturing atmosphere for creative expression. No particular dance steps or styles are advocated and all respectful forms of movement are honored.

The Frolic is made possible primarily through the volunteer efforts of the dancers themselves, and through a modest admission fee at events. All money collected is used to pay for equipment purchases and repairs, space rental, and other outside expenses. Sustaining volunteerism is encouraged of all participants, and admission discounts are given to volunteers.

To honor our commitment to the Frolic and the dance community, a community circle is held in the middle of every dance. This forum provides the opportunity to welcome new people, seek volunteer energy, and discuss Frolic related and personal concerns. We also invite all who wish to become more involved with our dances to attend the Frolic Community Council meetings. These meetings are held monthly to discuss the needs of the Frolic and to plan events. Council members are also dance event coordinators, who oversee and produce the dances. All Council decisions are made by consensus, with some decisions being presented to the larger community at the dances.

The Frolic takes pride in playing a broad range of music, within which everyone is bound to find songs that they like and hate, and hopefully expand their musical horizons all the while. The music spans alternative, eclectic, experimental and more mainstream genres, and is provided by volunteer DJs from the community. To ensure the diversity of the music and the audio fidelity of the materials, a Music Committee has established guidelines.

We believe in the sanctity of our bodies, and of the planet's cultures and environment. We take great care to create a space that is safe for experimenting with movement, and encourage healthy exploration of our bodies while honoring individuals' boundaries. We promote a smoke-, alcohol-, and drug-free setting for the dances, and request that participants take personal responsibility for themselves and for their influence on those around them.

We take pleasure in sharing the energy and support of the Frolic community with newcomers and welcome all who are interested to come and join in the experience.